Manage multiple WD hard drive

Hi All

I have several WD hard drive connect using USB.

Can I manage all  in a single convenient location?

Like monitor HD status for failure etc…

Can I merge all those drives to have a huge one? This way if i diconnect one, i could replace by another with more storage space withou loosing any data?

I guess you get the big picture.


Anyone have a suggestion?  WD?

Hi dude!!

As far as I know, WD does not have a software able to monitor all drives at once, but you can Google for a drive monitor and sure you will find one.

On the other hand, merging the drives would mean a RAID, as far as I know a RAID needs for all the drives to be working on the same controller and they need to be the exact same drives… So it is unlikely… But I could be wrong.

I hope it helps!