Making XML movie files compatible with WDTV LIVE

Say you have all your files on the network and have applied XML’s + JPG’s to organize your library but now you WDTV LIVE see’s ALL the files in the directory, unlike the HUB. Wouldn’t you like it if the LIVE could show ONLY the video files the way the HUB shows them? There IS!

An option exists to make all the JPGs/XML files compatible (invisible) with the WDTV LIVE for those of us who have WDTV LIVE’s and HUBS on the same network:

   To make the JPG’s dissappear on the LIVE’s dir listing, but still be visible ON the files - all you have to do is rename the Jpgs with a Period in front of them.  That renders them invisible in the LIVE’s dir listing but still apply’s their image to the video files as long as the XML is still present (without the period). The same files, are still seen as normal on the HUB.

            Here’s a little table showing the difference:

                       LIVE                                  HUB

Video:      .Bones 1x01.avi                          Bones 1x01.avi

XML          Bones 1x01.xml                         Bones 1x01.xml       

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