Making SAFEPOINT backup from MyCloud to another WD device over the network

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I’ve used MyCloud for a while, and have to back it up as I don’t like to have “all the eggs in one basket” There are a lot of family photos and videos on it, so I want to be sure they’ll stay safe and sound. I am about to buy a MyBook Elements 4TB for this purpose. Almost everywhere around here it is mentioned that the people are making their safepoints through the USB 3.0 port on the back, but I think having a Gigabit ethernet ports on your router is an advantage that maybe shoud be used. I think the data transfer could take place through the router over the home network and give it some more speed at the end. Is there any obstacle that I miss, which won’t let me create a safepoint on the new MyBook, if it’s on the same network, conected to the same router?


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Where would you connect the drive to make the safepoint through the network? You can connect he drive to a computer and make the safepoint this way, there are some routers that do have USB ports on them and make the drive accessible on the network, but i have not tried this.

I would connect the second WD drive to а lan port of the router. Doing so I think I will see the MyBook as a network drive and will be able to create the Safepoint directly on it. In the process of creating a SAFEPOINT in the MyCloud interface it asks you where would you like to create it. You can chose between USB drive or a network drive. I think the speed will be much faster if you create a safepoint on a network drive, and not on a USB one. Especially if the router has gigabit lan ports, as my does.

See Chapter 11 of the User Manual for instructions on how to specify a network drive as target for Safepoints.

Unless ‘OS3’ has changed the way Safepoints work, when you click on the little ‘safe+’ icon, it should ask you where you want to put the Safepoint; ‘local USB’ or ‘scan network’.

But I think ArMak’s question was “how are you going to a connect a USB device to an Ethernet router?” WD Elements and WD MyBook are both USB interface devices, and do not have Ethernet ports.

Yes, my mistake actually. Didn’t pay attention to the obvious fact this is a USB ONLY device. I thought it’s the same as the MyCloud, just without the Cloud function.

I have a Mycloud EX2 Ultra 4GB on raid1 and I use it as a file server and everything from 5 computers is stored there (nothing is stored localy on computers, the Ultra is mapped as a drive). I want to have a constant backup from Ultra to another device (Mybooklive) on the same lan, is this possible via smartware? Will the smartware “see” the mapped drive and backup from there? Is there another way?

Extra Question 1: How can I tell if I have cmr or smr disks on the Ultra?
Extra Question 2: What is the best solution-way to achieve what I want? I don’t want cloud storage. I like simplicity and not constantly changing preferences, options etc. Don’t mind if I dont use mybooklive at all.
Thank you for your answers