Making partition on my new passport external drive

Dear Sir,

i just newly bought this external drive with 1 terra bite and havent use it. I would like to ask an assistance on how i could make a partition on my external drive. Please give me some tips or procedures about it. One more things is if i manage to make partition, can i put a password protection on these partition in order to protect my personal files? Hoping for your prompt response regarding these matters.



My advice to you is to follow the steps on the WD Website click here to format the drive, bare in mind that to create partitions on the drive is not necessary neither supported by WD or the password protection feature included with WD Smartware. You can just create different folders  in the drive and simply protect the drive itself.

with the help of some third-party partition softwareyou could partition or repartition your HDD easily, of cause you could also use the built-in disk management, but you could only delete or create partition,