Making Netword-Connected External HDs Appear on MyCloud Public Folder

I apologize, as I’m sure this has been covered, but I searched a decent amount and haven’t been able to identify a solution (perhaps the answer is easy to find and I’m not familiar with the terminology.)

I have a 4tb MyCloud device that I just purchased, and I also have a 5tb HD connected to the same network as the MyCloud, but not directly connected to the MyCloud 4tb HD (they’re all together on my homegroup.) Is there a way for me to have the content from the 5tb HD appear in the MyCloud public folder without actually putting the files on the 4tb MyCloud device? I imagine it would be similar to the way a shortcut works, but I’m not sure.

Additionally, is there a way to have the 1tb HD that I have daisychained to the MyCloud device appear in the public folder? Currently, it shows up as ‘attached storage,’ but (similar to my first question,) is it possible to have those items appear in the public folder rather than going to the ‘attached storage’ section to access them?

Obviously when I am at home, I have access to the home group and this is not an issue, but I would like to be able to remotely access all of my total storage from the MyCloud interface. Is this possible? Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!

As far as I know the short answer is NO. The My Cloud Public folder only has, and displays, data stored on the My Cloud. Although, whatever app or computer device you are looking at storage with can show either the my Cloud or other devices. For example, I have a drive (H) shared on my network from a Win 10 PC. I can see/access this drive and its contents from my Win 7 PC as well as other devices on my Network such as a WDTV. From this device I can play any media stored on it to TV by accessing the My Cloud, drive H, or the two drives directly connected to my WDTV.

When using the My Cloud mobile app I can ONLY access the folders on my My Cloud device when using an iPad/phone. For material stored elsewhere I need a different app running such as File Browser to play media ;including from My Cloud and any other storage on the network.

When using My Cloud app at home or REMOTELY I can only watch movies from the My Cloud.

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Thanks for the quick response! That leads me to one new question…

I don’t think I made my overall intentions very clear… I really just want to make network-connected drives accessible from MyCloud. It does not matter to me whether or not they are in the Public folder; I just want to be able to access them from MyCloud, period. Based on your response, it seems like that may be possible, but I may be reading that incorrectly (your quote “I can play any media stored on it to TV by accessing the My Cloud, drive H, or the two drives directly connected to my WDTV”…are you able to access that outside of your home network?)

Since it seems as though getting them in the public folder is not possible, can I use MyCloud to access that 5tb HD that is connected to the network in any way, or am I just going to have to connect the 5tb directly to the 4tb MyCloud device in order to gain access to the 5tb files in MyCloud?

Not sure what your setup looks like. But I have a DNS-323 NAS and a My Cloud single gen1 device. I
mount the DNS-323 drive on the My Cloud.
Create a folder on the My cloud. Then What I do is mount -t cifs //

Volume_1 is the name of the disk on the DNS-323. I also have a Volume_2 and also mount it. You will
need to use SSH to do this.

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Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to look into what SSH is and how to do it.

You misunderstand, you cannot make any network drives accessible from any folder of the My Cloud. All you can do is access those drives from the network individually. I only can access the My Cloud from outside network using the MC app. I once had a way via an app for my Asus router, but a router firmware broke it.

You probably can access the drive via connecting it to the MyCLoud, although I have never connected one to mine. I also can connect a drive to a USB port of my router and reach it remotely.

FOrget about SSH; especially if you never heard of it or have any experience with it. Misuse can void your warranty and is only for certified geeks who know what they are doing to mess with it. You are not one of then! I have no use for SSH.

unless you know how to use SSH properly , there is no way to do this unless you can connect the 5tb via USB to the MyCloud and then you can see the USB drive as a share.

Got it. Thanks, everyone! I suppose I’ll just have to have the 5tb connected to the MyCloud.

I connected a 4TB MyBook to my linksys 1900AC router. I was able to mount it on my gen1 My Cloud
using the following commands/

mkdir /nfs/Public/MyBook
mount -t cifs -o username=,password= //“My Book” /nfs/Public/MyBook

On my router the external storage name was My Book note the space between My and Book. That is the name you need to use.
I was also able to map the disk to my window 10 pro system.


This worked perfectly for me connecting an ancient DLINK-321 to a WD MYCLOUD.
I had to create user on the DLINK which I specified in the parameters for the mount command.