Making my wd external drive wireless, CAN THIS BE DONE?

I have WD 1tb WD MyBook. is it possible to make this device work wirelessly? is there another device out there that can make this possible, or can it be “macgyvered” to work wirelessly in some way? i run all my music from my external, so to listen to the tunes i have to be tethered to one spot. i’d like to be able to find a way to access the drive from anywhere in the house.

im not the most computer savy, but i would think theres gotta be a way to accomplish this out there…

any and all help and suggestions would be mush appreciated.

If your router has a USB port for networking then that’s all you’ll need, you can also right-click the drive and go to the sharing and security and turn it into a network share that belongs to the current computer. You’ll still access the drive wirelessly over the other computers, but the computer that has the drive connected will have to stay on at all times. So getting a router with a USB port will be better.

I’d suggest to stop running your music off the drive directly if you don’t have a backup, there’s no way to tell when the drive will fail.

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