Making Files Available Offline On Remote PC

Hi All

I have my MBL set up and running nicely! I’ve assigned it a static IP and set up port forwarding to try and make it faster when accessing remotely. Just a couple of things still beyond me!

When I connect to my MBL on my Win7 PC at work (out of my LAN) via I can see my shares and map them to my PC. Problem is, when I reboot, the mapped network drives have gone!

I thought if i made the content of my “docs” share available offline (kind of like DropBox) it would solve the problem (and they would also be indexable!) but when I right click, there’s no option to make them available offline!

I already have mapped drives to internal work network drives which do show the “Always Available Offline” option so it’s just the mapped network drives from the MBL!

Any ideas would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

You need to make your map drives persistance/Reconnect at Logon

Thanks for the reply! :smiley:

I had a go at mapping the drive using this method but when it asks for the “folder” I’m not sure what to put? Is there a direct path to my MBL that I could enter here?

The only way I’ve managed to map a drive from my MBL is using and there’s no option to Reconect At Logon doing it this way!