Making a MyBook into Internal drive

I have a couple newer External Drives that I would like to make internal. I understand that doing so, will most likely void the warranty, but im building a HTPC, and it just makes sense to make them internal.

After doing a search, I see that if you currently have data on the disk, making a PC recognize it without an issue seems difficult, if not impossible due to hardware encryption on the externals circuit board.

Im not worried about losing data, so if I just re-format in windows setup or DOS, am I all good to use as an internal drive?



It will depend of the My Book model you own, if the unit is a recent drive with Smartware is encrypted and the computer won’t see the drive. 

Even if you get the PC to see the drive the data will be encrypted and useless.


Both Awopero and Joe are right: Depends on the model, if you got the wrong one then you’ll get a hardware-encrypted drive you can’t use.

I was about to blast you all the giving bad information, however, I did do something a little different than what I had originally asked.

Same day I posted this, best buy had a good deal on 1.5 tb mybooks, I went and bought 2, took them out of their enclosures  without powering them on, installed in my HTPC and they work just like any “internal” drive. 

I would imagine they are powered on at the factory though for testing, so I dont see how this would change anything, but who knows.