Make the device respond when network disconnected while replay

When I use net share and replay a video, when that machine reboot or the network disconnected, the device will be frozen. I have to disconnect the power to reboot the device. Is there a way to fix it?

Um, turn on the net share device again?

I don’t think there’s any way around this (nor do I know why you’d want to shut down the net share device while the Live is playing something – that’s kind of like pulling the plug on a VCR while a tape is running.  It’s a sure way to screw things up.

The reason is the machine which store the movies are using wireless adapter. The signal will lost somehow. And that’s the reason cause the net share lost. After the signal come back or reboot the machine, the WD player will frozen forever. I’m just asking if there is a way make the WD player respond to the remote controller in this kind of situation.

The better question to ask is how to keep from dropping that signal.

Obviously wired is the best way, but there are ways to keep your wireless signal better (boosting it, getting another router, getting a wireless extender, etc.)  If the signal loss is due to improper network setup there are also things you can do about that.