Make of folders

Ok so i have had my wd live TV hub for about 4 months and have added a few things on it but what i want to do is organize it a little better if this is possible. For the life of me i can’t figure out how to create a folder then move a video into that folder. What i want is something like this…


  folder (my videos)

      folder (downloaded)

      folder (bought movies)

      folder ( camera movies)

something like that , hope you get the idea. If its not possible then OK but i have searched internet, here, called wd, even looked in the instructions. But maybe i am missing it. i did try to move a file and then try to create a folder but it wouldn’t show up and the file was still where it was. So i feel lost but if someone can tell me how to make the folders i would appreciate it.


Do it from your PC by mapping the Hub as a network drive.

i have done that but when i try to make a folder it does the same thing and doesn’t show up on the wd TV live hub

Pg. 37

you dont have to be rude foetus and i tried to read the manual and im not saying that i didnt miss it somewhere. but i dont want to sort i want to add a folder what pg 37 referrs to is to sort that way when the folders are already there. all i want to do is to create my own folder then i can put my videos into the folders for my own orgnazation. and then i can use the sort to find my videos.

The folder won’t show up till there’s something in it. So create the folder and put video files in it from your PC. Then select options on the Hub from the remote and do a Rescan and it will be there.

Once you have created and added a file in every new folder, you will be able to do it all from the Hub, but I prefer to move files and the likes from a PC.

If you turn of  Media Library, WD Hub will show you your folders the way they are on HDD.

And sorry for RTFM but there are so many “arranging folders” post and no one remembers to read manual.
In your case Clear Media Library will help, if not reboot the device.

Thank you very much that is exactly what i wanted and is so simple i do thank you so much for the info