Make MyCloud Playlists consumable by iOS Apps

The MyCloud Desktop App. has a feature to create a Playlist. Additionally it appears to be capable of consuming iTunes Playlist files… sort of…

The playlists will work/play music when using the MyCloud Desktop app. However, when opening the playlist using the MyCloud iOS mobile app. there’s a warning that it needs to be opened with a compatible media player, i.e. VLC, ACE, PlayerXtreme, etc.

I’ve tried using these apps to consume the playlists but nothing happens. They don’t appear to be accessing music, and definitely aren’t playing anything.

An additional enhancement would be to make the imported iTunes playlists consumable by at least one of these options:
The MyCloud iOS app
The native iOS Music app.
or one of the recommended iOS compatible media player apps mentioned a moment ago.

Including this feature in an upcoming software update would be a valuable enhancement to the WD MyCloud Music streaming experience.

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I have asked for this feature as well in other posts. I understand the Android devices can play from Playlists using My Cloud app, But I have a Kindle Android tablet and the My Cloud app does not install well on the Kindle’s custom Android OS.

Nevertheless, I can import and play m3u playlists from both iOS and Android apps on mobile devices. The only one I use for my iOS devices is Belkin MediaPlay. It is free and is a custom version of a now defunct app called Twonky Beam, but MediaPlay is a clone and works fine.

Android apps I use are Avia and Bubble/UPnP, also free.

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Hey Mike27oct great tip on the Belkin MediaPlay. It isn’t the most intuitive but I was able to locate and play the WD MyCloud playlist.

This doesn’t entirely solve the issue for me though… I can already play my iTunes/MyCloud playlists while at home either from my computer or from my iPhone via the iTunes sharing feature. What I’m really going for is to be able to stream the playlists while not connected to my home network. I’ll probably look into setting up a VPN and see if the Belkin app works remotely.

Hi, you and everyone else wants this too, but not possible. Believe me, I have tried to find a way.

You see. playlists only work under Media server conditions (aka DNLA/UPnP) whereas the My Cloud app only works under Network Shares (aka SAMBA or SMB) conditions.and only on a local network. The only way I can play from a playlist using my iOS devices from my home network (other than with MediaPlay) is from an Android device using DNLA app. So with either the Avia app or Bubble app installed on my Android Kindle tablet can I play it. I can stream the tablet’s audio output to a BT speaker for better sound.

This is why MediaPlay is unique and special for iOS devices; since most, if not all, My Cloud NASs are both Media Server and Network share devices, MediaPlay sees all your media servers, incl. My Cloud, and can play from it and it has a bonus of playing from playlists. This is true for audio, mp4 video and photos.

I also have a WDTV, and when I put it into the Media server input, it too, can see my folder of playlists and play them. This is my preferred way to listen to my playlists (not via MediaPlay on my iPad or iPhone). Since my TV audio is connected to my stereo, I get great sound from either the WDTV, and the MediaPlay app. BTW, to play from MediaPlay to TV, you need a Roku or FireTV; Chromecast won’t work for this.

If your computer shows in the MediaPlay server listing, you can play from it as well.

Some final comments about MediaPlay’s non-intuitiveness. Well, you got it running didn’t you so you “got it”). Nonetheless, here are some tips for using it:

OK, you know about selecting from the server list with the house with antenna icon. And, you found the selection of devices to play to so you did pretty good, but did you see the GEAR at page bottom? That is the Settings and Help menu.

Well, the online help in app is gone ever since Twonky Beam disappeared as a consumer company. But, Goggle for “twonky beam help” and there is good residual help still out there. Remember, MediaPlay is a custom clone of Twonky Beam.

What’s more important now is the settings. If you have a fast network and internet be sure to select High bandwidth. configure media sharing, just expore all choices you have in the section and turn on what you want.

Write back with any comments/questions.