Make folders that won't show up on cloud?

Hello. I have a new MyCloud Mirror, and I’ve already read a bunch of threads and documentation on Public folders, sharing, security, etc…

I’d like the following, which I don’t see any way to do:

  1. Have some shares accessible via internet, personal cloud, with access for my family. For this I know I can set up individual users, or share links for quick stuff that security isn’t a big deal about.
  2. Have some shares which are only accessible on my local network, This one doesn’t appear possible, unless I turn off cloud access completely.

There doesn’t appear to be any way to have both of these features - am I correct? It looks like maybe if I wanted to do backups, but have them unavailable on the internet, I could turn off the cloud completely, give my account access to a backup share, do the backup, and then deny myself access and turn the cloud back on.

Hi, there is no way to create a folder that is not accessible via cloud access IF the user have access to the drive online.

What you can do is create a user and don’t create remote access for it, then create a private folder and only give access to the user that does not have remote access set up. It not exactly what you are asking but is the closest thing.