Make Erase USB Drive in WD Dashboard & - Ends at Embedded Tools Screen

Would just like to point out here that on both of the subject versions of Dashboard, I used the function of making an erase USB boot drive to either erase, sanitize, etc. a previous WD Black 700 drive. The WD Black 700 is detected and all data shows corrected inside the Dashboard on Windows 10. I select it, create the uSB Erase drive; but when booting from it both in UEFI and Non UEFI booting modes the erase drive boots into a screen titled Embedded Tools that has directions to maneuver around in, but at that point nothing functions. There is just a clear screen with directions, but everything is stopped. By the way, another interesting thing is that that screen shows only a Format in red print function; in other words, it appears there is no sanitize, secure erase, or just erase function.
What can I do to reset my WD Black SN700 to factory settings, erased condition, sanitized condition, or even format using the WD Dashboard?