Make computer folder backup to a remote My Cloud

I would like to make a daily automatic backup of a folder on my work computer that is on a different location (work) from my My Cloud drive (home). FTP isn’t an option because my ISP blocks virtually all ports, SmartWare seems counterintuitive offering backups to Dropbox (??) but only to local WD MyCouds or am I getting something wrong?
Can I have a user friendly advice on how to do it with the least pain?

If you do a forum search you’d see this is discussed often with very few options.

There are several options, here are a few.

  1. Use WD Sync.
  2. FTP, but note that FTP is NOT secure.
  3. Install the unofficial CloudDAVMod program and remote map the My Cloud then use a backup program on the computer to backup to the mapped My Cloud.

Some past threads that may have more information: