Make app's music player better

The only real reason I wanted the my cloud was because I have 100Gb of music files and my iphone only has 16Gb memory. I would use it as a music media server to listen to all of my music everywhere I go.

The my could app only shows an alphabetical list of songs by file name. No folder separated albums or artists.

Do you think I will scroll through (literally) 100,000 songs to get to one with a file name that starts with the letter ‘W’?

It would take a half hour. Many times I don’t remember the name of a song on a particular album. Having the songs grouped like the iPhone music app would be a big plus.

I actually bought the My Cloud yesterday. But, before I opened the box, I checked out the app. Thank god I did. Now I know that I will be returning the unit today. When you get the music player part of the app to have more features and make listening to music easy. rather than a burden, let me know and I will re-purchase the my cloud.

Until then it doesn’t suit my needs.

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why iPhone/ipad users have more than one million apps avalaible to download and don’t use it to any specific needs?

WD apps are pretty basic if you want something more advanced use other apps hopefully you don’t need to jailbreak MyCloud!

Enable ftp server on MyCloud and use ftp app on iPhone or even ftp stream apps.

In android is easy in iOS I know there are apps for that also.

Just do your homework if your needs are not covered by basic apps use other apps.

It’s free.

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This is what I wanted also. I have yet to find an Android app that uses ftp streaming where you can you can just choose the album and setup playlist. Be great if it was like ITunes match.

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XBMC and also works on iOS.

For local add source from smb from WAN add source from ftp (enable port forward on your router).

In XBMC the best skin i tested is re-touched made for touch devices…

XBMC is HUGE it has LOTS of option and add-ons.

You must side load it on Android via file manager in iOS i don’t know how, i don’t use it.

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The apps are not My Cloud specific (even though they have the name My Cloud) since that can be used with a number of WD products.

If you have a app related issue you should post here:

If you have an app idea, you should post here:

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