Make an offsite back-up from WD WE

I have an WD WE, software version: 01.02.12

The unit is set up and working fine with a RAID1 configuration, used for backups with both Windows 7 and Mac OSX Lion computers. 

Currently I do regular offsite backups once a week from the WD WE to a 3TB USB disk plugged directly to the WD WE using Copy Manager in the web interface. However, using this method it is only possible to do offsite backups of the Windows 7 backups, not the Mac OSx Lion backups, since they use the “-Backup” AirDisk (if I have understood this correctly, anyway they are not visible in the web interface or while using finder or explorer on the disk). 

Does anyone have a solution on how to do a offsite backup of my TimeMachine backups? 



Not that I know off… You could try using a software able to access the TM private share and have it make a copy of the contents, but I’m not so sure it would work…