Make a Virgin WD My Cloud Disk from scratch

* Update: does not work properly. unresolved problems. do not use. *

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script updated.

last sector number now grabed from “sgdisk -E $loopdev” instead of using -1.

also, display more info about datavolume when creating partition.


Is it possible to run this script without disassembling the unit ? 

I have SSH Access. 

if this is not possible, can you post a video or some pictures with the mode of disassembling the unit ?


No, i don’t think it is possible.

I just added youtube links to open the case in the first post.

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Would this work for a my book live as well?

I don’t know if the partitions are the same. If not, someone may easily adapt this to the my book. I probably won’t because i don’t have one to test with.

minor script updates and fixes.

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