Make a noise and red light in place of green light front side

My external hard drive My Book Live  does not connect. when I connect to network cables,  i saw green light when the network connection. when I connect the  power supply blue light. then begins  te make several times noise. a kind of tick sound. then goes to red light. I also hear some times the sound. then will continue kluer red light on.

normally  that will a green light. then it make well connected with  computer via network. that does not happen now.Therefore I think there is some trouble in mt hard disk… How can I fix this error? because the data that I have on this hard disk is very important.  I need them.

I would like to find a possible solution to restore it. I have several times used the reset button. I have done according to the instructions of the harddisk.
please give me a sollution.


If the drive is making noise and it has a red light it is possible that it has failed. 

I recommend that you contact WD Support directly in order to get assistance on this issue.