Major WD Backup Software Bug?

Got a problem…not sure if this is a major bug or if there’s a solution? I can’t find any documentation on what type of backup you get with “WD Backup” software, but I ran a test on my new 8TB easystore external drive to see how it works. I backed up a few folders from different internal drives in my PC.

Here’s an example of the problem I encountered: On my photo drive I backed up a folder of my son’s ultrasound photos (called “Ultrasounds”). After backing up, I found that this “ultrasounds” folder was indeed backed up just fine to my WD drive. So back on my photo drive I created a folder within the “ultrasound” folder (called “favorites”) and moved 5 of the photos there, to make sure WD Backup software would successfully move the files when backing up.

However, this is where the problem occurs. The backup software successfully created a backup of the “favorites” folder, and the 5 photos were in there. But those 5 photos were also still back in the main “ultrasounds” folder. WD Backup software didn’t move the 5 files, but just created copies. Is this a bug? Is there a solution? Or is this an intentional way for Western Digital to quickly fill up people’s hard drives so they’ll buy more hard drives?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t own one but have you looked at the User Manual?

Yes, in the user manual it says that any changed files will be updated in
the backup. So this is obviously a bad flaw int the software that needs to
be resolved immediately. .

Do you want to have a backup or just have the original?

Over the years I have had three hard drives go bad so I was glad to have a backup of everything. I now have a WD My Cloud and what is backed up to it is also on my computers as well as other storage devices.

I want to have every change on my computer’s file be reflected in the
backup. Cloud backups are not financially feasible for me because I am a
photographer / videographer and deal in terabytes. I also have slow rural

Obviously, WD has not solved this problem and does not intend to solve this problem. I just purchase a drive 12/8/17, the whole utility package installs except the backup.

Rather than fix the problem they say to go elsewhere at the not provided external links. Fix the problem, WD.