Major question

for example if i backup my files yesterday using smartware, and i added one folder today, and i wish to backup now, will it backup all the files all over again or just add my new files to the existing backup.

Technically, it should append the new files to existing backup. But IMO, I wish you use Microsoft SyncToy to backup your folders. Both 32 and 64 bit versions available. This way you can access your backed up files from any PC. Also you can ADD, Delete and Rename any file or folder from both locations. On next Sync other side will be updated and you’ll have a mirror image.  Smartware backup is limited and you cannot view and modify files in the backup drive as you prefer. Choice is up to you.

Thanks for the help but no offense I need a straight answer about smartware not other software. So will the smartware create another copy of whole backup when I have new files or only the new files will be added on the backup?

The smartware will update the existing files and create as many back up copies as you specify it.

this can be seen in settings> take a look at the video

hehehe, lets make it short. for example i checked all the folders in detailed view, then click start backup. backup successful. i added 1 photo in photos, checked all the folders in detailed view, run backup again. will it create whole backup again or just the 1 photo will added to the existing backup?

And just a follow up question, what is the additional file? Much appreciated in advance. :slight_smile:

Additional files are files on the hard drive not backed up by smartware

Basically dragged and dropped on the drive

Goto the setting tab choose setup software then choose file history

Oh so additional files are files from the hard drive that smartware cannot backed up. So why is it its under the external drive label??? I set the files history to zero, and it created 2 same backups the difference is the the new backup has new files, I thought if new files added only new files will be backed up not all the files over and over again, and it seems it will eat a lot of space on the external drive.

You are not reading the responses corectly

I said Additional files are files on the hard drive not backed up by smartware

if you manually copy 100 gb of files on the hard drive then you will see 100 additional files

So why did they include additional files if the smartware wont back up those files? and the additional files is not under the computer label its under the external drive label. they should not include additional files under the external drive, they should only put the folders under users which the smartware can only back up. they making the customers confuse about the additional files, they always thought the additional files were on the hard drive and always find those files and they wont able to find them.

Let me give you a example if you have 1 picture and manually copy and paste it on the external drive

it will count as a additional file and it will not be included in the picture category of smartware

Why you ask? Because smartware was not  used to store that item on the hard drive

there fore it is a additional file.smartware only categorizes what it placed on the drive everything is is additional hence the

word additional.  Get it?

So why is it I didn’t manually copy files on my hard drive, the additional files are there. Anyway dude thanks for patiently answering my confusion. Just be cool on my curiosity, hehehe. Peace.

Smartness of the Smartware sometimes tends to create new set of backup files instead of using the existing one (s). This is because Smartware unable to read its own backup set in certain occasions. Old backup set then identified as “Additional Files” and ignored. If this happen very often, your dive will run out of free space eventually. I hope now you may have understood the real smartness of Smartware. hahaha.  :smileyvery-happy:

Right, finally you got my point! So now i planned to backup my files monthly not as always. Yeah, Smartware is not so smart. Thanks for the help. Now I planning to hide the smartware and dont use it and use the drive as a simple drive like copy and paste function. Hope Wd will make software legitimately righteous to be called SMART. hehehe