Major Problems with 3 of my WDTV Live SMP Devices after updating to latest firmware 1.16.13

Major issues making the device unusable after updating to latest firmware 1.16.13.

Not sure what is going on with WD as this update makes the device reboot in the middle of watching most media files and online programs like BBC IPlayer.

I bought quite a few of these devices as I thought they were wonderful small media player that could be connected to TVs around the house. Also recommended to family and friends.

All my devices are still under warranty.

I would be very surprise if its only me experiencing this problem after this update.

The device is unstable hence unusable.

Crashes when watching files of a NAS drive, USB HDD and online services.

Can anyone advise on whether one can rollback the update to even 1.15.10

If not can WD advise when a fix will be available. 

You really should post this problem in the main forum. This board only really reports issues to WD and is not a discussion board where you can get support from other users.

You can rollback by downloading and following instructions at the link below

Have you tried a reset to factory defaults.

I have the exact same problem when playing from my WD USB HDD