MAJOR passport failure

Basically, when I plug in my harddrive, it acknowledges it has been plugged in, however, nothing in the computer is showing up, it also doesn’t let me eject it, I can’t access any files at all on it, nothing is comming up and it has ALL my work on it for university… I have a deadline coming up in a matter of days. I NEED THIS TO WORK. 

Any one please help?!

try a different cable or different computer

check if the drive shows on disk management… if it does you can attempt to get the files with data recovery software

If you can not afford to lose this data please try to find a company that specializes in data recovery local to you. That is safest way to get your files. Sure in some cases recovery software can help, but it can also kill the drive just as easy. this drive is USB interfaced so not to many companies even know how to perform proper recoveries on them since even top tools like PC3000 have very limited options for work with USB interface.