Major network issues with mybookworld NAS white

I am having major network issues with my 2TB mybookworld no matter what machine i access it from on my network 3 + machines it is painfully slow and timesout and the file copy speeds are awful 100-500KB/S it basically means i cant accesss my NAS

I have tried rebooting it and shuting it down

Replaced the network cable

Tried a different port on router

Reset my router to factory defaults

restarted router

checked for firmware update (i am up to date) tried manual firmware update to same version but it seems to time out

tried static and DHCP network configuration (MTU set to 1500)

accessing the web interface is painfully slow

logs seem to suggest it is negotiating at 1000mbps full duplex

any ideas ? as i need to get the data of the drives


Do you experience the same speeds when the device is connected directly via Ethernet into a host computer system as opposed to a wireless connection?