Major issue with G-tech support. Very disappointed


I have always known G-tech to have such a good reputation with customer service and products. I’ve owned many over my lifetime as an animator. However I am currently experiencing a major issue with them now and will never purchase from this company again.
On May 18th I created an RMA case for repair to a g-raid unit. I sent in my unit and it was delivered on May 23rd. It shows that the unit has been delivered. To this day, June 7, it still shows that they have not received my drive. Every time I call, I get an answer of “we Have moved our service center so it is all being sorted out”. One of the support guys was down right rude to me. Yet no one can tell me when I will ever get an update or if my drive will ever be located OR replaced. I am at a loss and am very frustrated with this company.


I work for a nationwide company which uses the tracking delivery notification as proof of delivery. When a dispute occurs the first question asked is the name of who signed for it with the delivery company. We have video cameras with date timestamps to verify a box was dropped or if someone else took it after the fact. I am looking for a backup solution for my data and chose to view the forums for complaints like yours prior to making a decision. Seems this company had made some undisclosed changes for proper return routings and should bear responsibility if they gave you an incorrect address. Remember to ask the names of who you speak to so if they become rude, they can receive more training on good customer service. Hopefully your issue will be resolved soon and meanwhile, I will continue to search for a backup solution.