Major incompatibility with WD TV Steaming

I have a 4TB My Cloud with 4 external drives attached through a USB hub. 

Using Windows File Explorer, under Networks, right-clicking each drive and reading the Description, File Manager shows some drives to be located at \Wdmycloud (including my WDMC’s own internal 4TB drive), some at \WDMYCLOUD. 

The problem is, WD TV’s .m3u playlists do not show any files that’s located on a \Wdmycloud drive.  If the drive shows as attached to \WDMYCLOUD, then the files play correctly from a playlist.  I have two WD TV Streaming boxes, and the problem exists on both, and on every firmware I’ve used on both the WD TV and WDMC (both have up to date firmware).

Files played manually work fine from any drive.  It’s only playlists that are broken.

Is there a way to rename a drive’s device from “Wdmycoud” to “WDMYCLOUD”?  I see no such facility in the WDMC itself or in Windows?  Changing the default name in the WDMC has no effect on either new or existing drives.  Whether a drive shows itself as attached to Wdmycoud or WDMYCLOUD seems to be random.

Playlists are of major importance with a WDMC, otherwise the WD TV can only play files in alphanumeric order, or chosen individually… Right now about half my drives can’t use a playlist due to this bug.

Hi silphium, what firmware version do you have installed? 

WDMC is v04.00.00-607 firmware.

WDTV is v2.02.32.