Major flaw in design


Recently I visited New york and bought WD Mybook live. after coming back to montreal its worked nicely for five days and then on 6th day morning it wont startup. It was stucked on blue light , flash white light for few secs and then again go back to blue light. I tried lot of things suggested on the forum and after googling  but all in vain. Tried hard reset didnt work. Tried keeping it idle for 24 hours still same. It seems one of those night probably the firmware was updated automatecally. I can see when I start it firmware was stuck loading it. I tried to connect it via ubuntu but that too didnt work. I had moved some downloaded movies on that and I bet they were there but i just could not get them back because mybook wont start up.Since I am in Canada now WD doesnt want to RMA it. Luckily  B&H took it back and even gave me RMA shipping money (Thanks B&H). 

My downloaded chunk of movies gone (200 over GB). Well its big deal over here as there is download cap everywhere.

Overall very disappointed with the product and I dont think I will ever think of  even buying it again.


So where’s this major flaw in design?

Sounds to me like you have no idea what happened, so calling the failure a design flaw is rather premature…

Is the major design flaw that you failed to maintain a backup?

Are you kidding ? MBL suppose to be a backup server, you want me to take a backup of backup server? I dont care about the data  Failure of loading  firmware or OS within 1st week is a major flaw in design or major quality control issue. And its not  only me google  for MBL stuck on Blue light and you will get 100’s of threads. I am not a newbie and neither I follow perticular brand blindly. I have external hard drives in working condition since 2002. I had recovered data from failed harddrives using recovery softwares.

I am just stating the problems I faced  and voice my opinion.

Sorry to disagree, but if you rely to a non RAID-System, like I do, you’re lost . I’m an IT-Professional, and we even encountered a total data-loss from a RAID-5 system. Thanks god there was still a tape backup available to restore it!. So, if want something safe, invest in something more expensive and spend real money. But don’t blame WD to have a consumer level device, reasonably priced, not to have all the features like a 10 times higher priced professional device.


You juat dont get it do you? I repeat I dont care the loss of data …. I just dont expect the brand new device to fail in first 5 days.

Surely you don’t!
Quote: “My downloaded chunk of movies gone (200 over GB). Well its big deal over here as there is download cap everywhere.”
I simply do not see your point, you bought a faulty device, this might happen everywhere, and you were fully refunded. Period! So, where’s your problem? No more need to flame around, IMO!