Major errors with a WD passport ultra 1 TB

I keep getting a scan disk and fix notice on My passport ultra .  I have downloaded about 3/4 of the drive which I divided in 2 partitions but when I try to move (cut) files around from one section to another but it only copies and states the files are corrupted. You cannot even delete those files. Not all files are corrupted. The drive has a 3 yr warranty and I am thinking about returning it, I checked the drive with HD Sentinel and HD Tune with no bad sectors but HD Sentinel reports a weak sector and 99% health. I do not trust the integrity of the files on the drive. Not sure which ones are corrupted. I saw a negative report concerning a similar situation with the same type of drive on newegg-something about a bad controller. I can’t even merge the two partitions.

What should I do? I have an alternative solution but my problem is what to do with my files? I use Second Copy for  backup so recopying current files is no problem.


Normally when you get that message is that you are not ejecting the drive properly from the computer or any other device like a media player.

In my case happens when I remove the drive from my WDTV without ejecting the drive.

I usually sign off or hibernate the drive before disconnecting.  I have seldom or never been able to eject the drive as you indicate.  I tried several times and nothing was writing or whatever in the in the drive and it would not eject. I have an old and still perfect external drive from Toshiba that has been working perfectly despite the above problem bought about 7 years ago.

I have another answer and can’t trust the files backed up on the my passport:

:" Beware: Quality control issues on controller board causes failure, and suggestions for dead Passport drives ,November 23, 2013


M. Sundstrom

This review is from: WD My Passport Ultra 1TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0 with Auto and Cloud Backup - Black (WDBZFP0010BBK-NESN) (Personal Computers)

I’ve purchased two of this WD Passports in the past year and both have failed. Bad drives can be luck of the draw, but a little digging and diagnostics on how my drives failed turned up a very real quality control issue with the controller card for the more recent Passport drives.

If the WD forums and my 2/4 drives failing are any indication of current or future performance, then I recommend you stay away from this drive in particular. If you do purchase one, be sure to back up to an additional drive or back-up service.

If your drive has failed, all is not lost. Since most of the failures are caused by the controller board, and not the actual hard drive mechanics, you can fix the dead drive for about $100. My drives spun up, began their boot sequence and then never showed up on the computer. No clicking, buzzing, or any other indication of mechanical issues. I sent my drive to a business called, donor drives, who swapped out the controller board with one that did work and sent the drive back to me for around a hundred dollars. If it is a more serious problem, they’ll ship it out to the data recovery service of your choice but those usually start around $300 and can go up to several thousand to recover data.

Why 2 stars? I really do love these drives. They are portable, quick and nicely designed".

I am returning the drive and don’t want a same replacement.  Ever since I have been using hdd’s drives since the days of

Windows 95, I have never had a problem with WD drives.


Not satisfied with answers so far.  Could use the drive if it were fixed!!

Having more problems.  Drive will not quick format. Trying to regular format, may take hours.  I could not cut and paste from this drive.  AS soon as I format I will RMA.