Mainscreen Design?

I’ve noticed alot of people working to get the gallery view improved and everything is looking great. I’ve even taken a crack at the gallery view and am very happy with it’s look. Lately, I’ve moved over to take a crack at the homescreen, mainly the choice for media buttons along the bottom of the screen. I’m not big in the graphics dept., so has anyone created any good buttons for the homescreen? If so, it would be cool to share and let us see your pics. Hopefully so full fledged themes come out here soon too.


Waiting for WD to give us a firmware release to fix these issues…still waiting…


did you end up downloading the file I zipped up? If so did it work correctly?

What have you been messing with? Any pics of progress?

EDIT: D’OH…i see you replied in the other thread and that it worked fine…cool.

I gave your gallery view a shot and tweaked it a bit, but am more concerned with the mainscreen as this is the first thing you see when turning on the hub. I previously created mods for the Gen1 box under the name VStrike on I created “Swirl” and “Untitled”, but am not really looking forward to creating a full theme for the hub. I’ve messed around with the mainscreen and the only way I see at getting great look is to move the bottom buttons to near the middle of the screen.