Main menu tabs No animation

I’m trying to create my own Main Screen Menu Tabs for Videos, Folder, Services etc.  If I do Not want the animation is there a modification I need to make to an xml or not?   If so what xml and what change.


The animations are controled by “inc_rv_home_menu_node.xml”, if you just want a static image, set the animation number to “1”, this will use only the first image.  Setting the number to “0” will turn off the animations completely.

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thank you, much appreciated again

If anybody can figure out how to make the main icon on the home menu transparent as well, that would be great so we could make a glassy aero type theme.


I’m currently working on my own, here’s a sample

and it is transparent , %75 trasparency png

That’s a problem, you can’t make the main focused icon transparent, because their is a black box behind it which is uneditable.

I have made a request on the Ideas page to get rid of the black box or make it so that it can be edited, which has been acknowledged, but who knows when it might get implemented.

ahhh, the focused icons, yes, the black box.  Yeah, no transparency there

Yep, hate the black box, it doesn’t even record anything!:smileyvery-happy:


Hey homerj, I like the icon preview a few posts up. When do you think we might see a screenshot of your homescreen idea?

I can post one sometime today, at work now.  Anybody know of an easy way to grab a screenshot ratherthan using a camera??? lol

Either a camera or if you use paint or gimp, etc. You can just put all of the images together and create a nice looking screen in minutes.