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I’ve installed a couple of themes and I’m setting up custom thumbnails for each folder I have. However for the main folder I cant find a way to get a thumbnail for it. So from the main menu if i choose Video it then shows the folder WDTVLiveHub and a blank space for a thumbnail. What do I need to do to set one up?


The Hub and any drives attached to it are limited by firmware to a default icon.

**bleep** I know.


“The Hub and any drives attached to it are limited by firmware to a default icon.”

Actually, it can be done :wink:   of course, there’s a few gotcha’s

EDIT: Found my 10port Hub decided to plug in a few drives laying around :wink:

 It’s using the “Linksheets” method … but for Thumbnails only

So it’s only compatible with Non -Linksheet Themes.

Will work for all Views … Except   " Gallery View"  

How it works:  grab some folder icons and rename with NO file extension (eg. TERABYTE2 ) then copy into the root level of the theme folder.

Then in _ List view _ i used this code …

<image image="@@focused_title" x=“100” y=“155” w=“300” h=“451” scale="100"bg=“1”/>

In _ Video Thumb Browse _ (screenshot above) i used this code …

<wrapper w=“194” h=“292” y=“95” align=“hcenter”  scale_type=“pan” scale=“89” selected_scale=“98”>
<image image="@@description_0" x=“28” active="@@act-browselist-0" selected="@@sel-description-0"bg=“1”/>
<image image="@@description_1" x=“232” active="@@act-browselist-1" selected="@@sel-description-1"bg=“1”/>
<image image="@@description_2" x=“632” active="@@act-browselist-2" selected="@@sel-description-2"bg=“1”/>
etc etc etc etc etc

Remember “Linksheets” work by using “text” label code … but replacing it with “image” which then points to the Linksheet, Linkthumbnail, Linkpicture … whatever you wanna call it.

In further Updates of my Non Moviesheet / Linksheets Themes … I will include the code for all the Views.

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Wow Joey, that’s awesome. I had assumed that this was one of those things that was simply not possible to do. Very impressive.

Thanks for sharing that info


Excellent Joey well done ! :slight_smile:

I am a little confused though. What do I remove/change in rv_large_video_browse_page.xml to insert that info.

Thanks wdtvhub

Here’s a TEST theme with the code in it.

Unzip it and you will see my “Linkthumbs” … Replace them with your own pictures and name them exactly with the names of your drives attached to the Live Hub.

Large Video View has slowed down a lot … Something ive stuffed up undoubtedly.  Just ignore it, i’ll work it out later. (friday nite here though … not planning on themeing tonite :wink: *hic*)

Like i said … none of this works in “Gallery View” sorry … but it works in all the other video views.

Test Theme, no bug reports please, no, how do linksheets work either (there is enough info out there already)

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Excellent great timing. :slight_smile: Thank you. My Hub will be officially complete now.

And I agree about th Friday night thing. Will have a play with this during the weekend.

Excellent! what I did instead is found an image I wanted to use, and placed it in the root folders, renamed after the default picture for that specific theme and took the default ones out. So the .xml never changed just the picture did. made a few different sized ones for the focused and unfocused files.


what is the default image name?