Main drive crashed - need to restore

I used WD Smartware to image my c: drive to my WD external drive which show up as My Book. My c: drive has now failed. How do I restore the image to a new disk since I can’t access the WD Smartware program that was running on my c: drive?

Maybe it’s your word choice but Smartware did not image your HD. It only backed up select files. You will have to reinstall your OS then reinstall Smartware and restore data from there.


Thanks for your reply. I saw the word “image” in the config file and was hoping I could restore the entire drive. I guess not.

So, my c: drive running XP crashed. I now have windows 7 pro and a spare internal drive from previous that only has 2 folders on it that look like the folders in My Book. My Book is an external drive.

Would I be correct that I run the WD smartware.exe found on the MY Book drive and install it on the new c: drive (Win 7), then open it and select retrieve? I want to restore only the most recent versions (it looks like I must have set it to keep 6 versions of files) to the spare drive. Doable? Anything I should watch out for?

That sounds righti. If you have problems post back sometimes Smartware is quirky.


I am having the same problem as stated above

OK, I installed the software on the new computer and told it I wanted to retrieve it to a different drive (not c:) which had lots of room. On the screen, it showed the drive I selected, how much space was available and all looked good. Half way through the retrieve I got a “disk full” message. Upon investigation, I found that it had retrieved the folders into the My Documents folder on the c: drive instead of the other drive I selected. Not nice!

Look in the Smartware area you might find more info there. I only used the Smartware once and uninstalled it.


I think I had a some what similiar problem.   My C drive crashed as far as I can figure out so I used the restore disc.  It now is working but of course nothing is on it.  I am trying to install the WD MyPassport software on to it.  It doesnt seem to be downloading enough as I cant get it open up so I can access my laptop saved data.    I am hoping I can retrieve enough info to get the laptop working again.  I have ACT  with about 8k clients informaiton that I need to use plus other files in my documents that I need.     Any suggestions?  Oh I have the My Passport external drive.

Thank you!

I found the WD Smartware.exe file right on the external drive and ran it from there. My computer list of drives showed “MY Book”  with a Drive name - mine was J: , and the drive itself as I: I went to the drive that doesn’t say “My Book” and found the install file there.

Good luck.