Made shares private, assigned them to a user, now can't log in through windows or printer


I’ve recently hired an employee who has been using our WD Cloud EX2 for his work product. Unfortunately, this meant locking down the other shares. Since doing that, I’ve only been able to access my files through the WD Cloud app, not through the SMB network share I had set up in windows. I’m also not able to scan to the drive using my HP OfficeJet 8600.

The workgroup defined in the My cloud portal is WORKGROUP, same as in the machine.

It prompts me to login, doesn’t accept the WD credentials or windows credentials, and keeps prompting me until I turn the security off. This is becoming a real problem–if we can’t get this working, I’m going to need to use another product.

Hi, welcome to the community.

A few things that you can check:

  • Go into credential manager and delete all the credentials that are saved for the EX 2.
  • When putting the user name and password do it this way: driveip\username and the input your password and see if that work.
  • Disconnect all EX 2 shares from your computer and try again.