Made a stupid mistake... please help

I have the WD for mac 1 TB external hard drive.  It has been working excellent, backing up with Time Machine.  I got annoyed by the Western Digital software that always popped up on the desktop with the drive though and so i followed these instructions to remove it:

However, when I was updating the firmware, a message popped up that the new firmware was an older version.  Not thinking properly, I immediately quit the update and now the drive can’t be recognized.  Did I kill it?  I can’t access it whatsoever…



When you said you immediately quit the update different possibilities come to mind. If one of those possibilities happen to be disconnecting the drive while the firmware is update. Consider the drive as unusable and if under warranty? Better off replacing.

I wasn’t THAT stupid… I didn’t rip out the USB cable or anything.  There wasn’t a cancel button though so I quit the firmware update with a right-click —> quit in the dock.  I figured it would cancel itself…