Made a mistake with a backup plan, how can I modify to show each folder

WD Backup works just fine.

But, in my haste to create and activate a backup plan, I did not think it through completely.

I created a backup plan with a directory that has about a dozen or more subfolders.

Now I want to modify the plan to show each subfolder discretely so I can delete folders or add folders.


The catch is, I want to leave the folders deleted from the plan in the same root directory.


Yes, I understand I could just move them out, but that’s even more complicated as the root folder is my windows /profile/ documents root directory; which I was clever enough to move to a separate hard “G:” harddrive.

= = = =

Any thoughts on how to modify the “backup plan”?

- - -

Thanks much.

Honestly, it will be easier to delete the backup plan and start a new backup plan.

Just out of curiosity, what backup software are you using, WD Anywhere Backup or WD Smartware?

I agree.  it would be better to just start over.

Using WD Anywhere Backup Premium