Made a bootable USB copy of Windows 10 amd laptop deleted all my files

i wanted to make a bootable USB of Windows 10 on my 500gb hard disk. When it was done I was horrified to see that all my file are gone and only remains a 32GB USB drive. On the Disk manager I can see there is a 433GB space without letter and all my files disapear. Is there any way to recover my files (250gb) ?
Thanks a lot

Sounds like you made a USB boot disc (not to be confused with “bootable”) and it formatted it FAT32 at 32GB which is the maximum size that Windows supports for FAT32.

So, basically you’ve formatted your 500GB FAT32 which erases all existing data on your hard drive.

The only way to attempt Recovering your data is via Software Data Recovery (Google it, there are Free and Paid Software) … you’ll also need to have another Hard drive (at least 250GB) to recover all your data to. (you can’t recover data to the same hard drive)

The other Expensive option is to contact a Data Recovery Service and get a quote on the price to recover your data.

Lastly, i can’t stress enough the importance of keeping a backup of all your data in case of disasters … which you’re now currently experiencing.