MacOSX and MyPassport Wireless

My MacOSX El Capitan (10.11.6) does not recognize the MyPassportWireless over USB. There’s a solid white indicator on the drive but it does not show up on the desktop nor the Disk Utility.

just a follow-up

  1. it is also not being recognized by any Windows machines (constant white LED light on when plugged in, nothing shows up in File Explorer)
  2. when using a Wi Fi Direct Connection to Mac, it shows 2 folders ‘Public’ and ‘SD’, any attempt to click on either folder will prompt a dialoge box saying ‘the original item cannot be found’
  3. similar situation when connecting to iOS devices

in any of the scenarios I cannot hear the usual ‘hard drive spinning’ sound

There might be something wrong with the connection between the bridge board and the hard drive. Maybe the hard drive is dead. In wireless you will see the Public folder even though there is no hard drive connect or attach. You need to call WD customer support. Or your can try to do factory reset.

thanks, jebusx - how do I do a factory reset if I have no access to the drive (USB or Wifi)?

You can do factory reset from device website (ex or use the buttons. Both options should be in the book manual or go to WD Support website to get a copy of the manual