macOS Finder doesn't represent MyCloud Home custom name and folders. IOS app only provides drive size. Finder only shows Backup folder. MyCloud Home not working with new software update on Big Sur M1 Macbook Pro

Bought a MyCloud Home 8TB three months ago, and am unable to access the folders in the MacOS Finder. In Finder it also only shows the Backup folder and no other folders.
In the latest updated IOS app I can see how much space is remaining on the drive, and that’s it. When I select the MyCloud Home link it doesn’t do anything. I have renamed my MyCloud Home in the IOS app however in Finder it possesses another name, e.g. MyCloud-H04EGC, and it only shows the backup folder. Have also installed the latest macOS software and it doesn’t work either, similarly to the IOS app. Spent the whole day yesterday trying to resolve Western Digital’s issues which has now become my issues, while reading up in this forum and elsewhere online to attempt implementing potential solutions, and concluded late yesterday night that there isn’t a fix available for this currently.
With only three months use of this device I am considering returning it under its warranty. I also own two older 4TB MyCloud hard drives and a MyBook and they both still work in my Finder window while running macOS Big Sur on a M1 MacBook Pro. Although these hard drives have improved in their performances, it therefore seems that Western Digital has regressed in their support of this hardware. I hope WD Support can provide a fix on this matter as all I need is one public folder with read and write access in my Finder window which can also link to Infuse on my Apple TV (which I haven’t tested yet).

Double the drive name in My Cloud Home App after signing in:

I am having the same problem on Catalina 10.17.7