MacOS Catalina

I keep my music files on MyCloud drive which is connected to my router and since upgrading to Catalina I am unable to to sync new music files to iPhone using the new Music app which replaced iTunes - error message "There was a problem connecting to the server “wdmycloud”.
Prior to upgrade the iPhone backup in iTunes would prompt me to login to the MyCloud drive and it would accept a Guest login and complete the sync by adding the newly selected files to the playlists.
Andy ideas?

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Hi The RoadToad, I have just been hit by this too. All my backups of 20+ years worth of digital photo files are now lost to me, until there is a 64bit app that works in Catalina.
I had checked my apps and thought I was safe to upgrade! I don’t want to risk rolling back to Mavericks as that could loose me even more stuff!
I always used WD software at work backing up data for 2500 business users and never lost a byte since 1998, (until now!)

Thank you for your reply.
I can still browse the volumes I have on my MyCloud, namely Videos, Pictures, etc but I don’t use it for backups, they go onto an external SSD drive.

I think my problem is something to do with permissions and the fact that Catalina does not recognise .xml files.

Initially I could not access the MyCloud drive from the Sonos App but that was solved by giving the volume on MyCloud full disk access in the Security & Privacy area of System Preferences.

Let’s hope WD get it sorted soon - but as numerous people have said this should have been sorted weeks ago in the Beta versions of Catalina.

Thanks for the heads up. Just because it has worked faultlessly for so long, I forgot all the things I needed to try!

I’m surprised about .XML, as you rightly say, thats what Beta Testing is all about!!