macOS Catalina WD Black NVME Disks Ejecting


Amfeltec Squid Carrier Card
4 nvme WD Black 1tb blades
Mac Pro 2019

I’ve had this setup for the last few weeks and have been noticing random disk ejections from sleep. Did some troubleshooting to try and pinpoint if its a specific blade but it seems at least 3 of the 4 are causing issues. I’ve moved the pci-e card to a different slot and moved the blades to different m.2 slots but it doesn’t seem to help. At least once a day it will disconnect after being asleep and I am presented with the Mac OS Disk Eject Warning.

I’m trying to pinpoint if the issue is the WD blades, Mac Pro or the Amfeltec card but it hasn’t been easy so I’m curious if anyone else is having similar issues with the WD Black nvme blades.