macOS Catalina WD Black NVME Disks Ejecting


Amfeltec Squid Carrier Card
4 nvme WD Black 1tb blades
Mac Pro 2019

I’ve had this setup for the last few weeks and have been noticing random disk ejections from sleep. Did some troubleshooting to try and pinpoint if its a specific blade but it seems at least 3 of the 4 are causing issues. I’ve moved the pci-e card to a different slot and moved the blades to different m.2 slots but it doesn’t seem to help. At least once a day it will disconnect after being asleep and I am presented with the Mac OS Disk Eject Warning.

I’m trying to pinpoint if the issue is the WD blades, Mac Pro or the Amfeltec card but it hasn’t been easy so I’m curious if anyone else is having similar issues with the WD Black nvme blades.

I’m having the same issues with my 2019 Mac Pro and Squid card with 4 Samsung 970 EVO plus drives. Did you get it resolved?

I have not. After a few weeks I removed the pci-e card altogether and used an external drive bay instead for a while. I then went back to the pci-e card to see if any updates to macOS would resolve it and for a while I didn’t have any issues. But unfortunately it returned. The disconnects aren’t daily for me anymore but more sporadic now. I cannot figure out what the issue is and have received little help from Amfeltec about it and can’t find any info online regarding similar issues so I’m assuming it’s something on my machine. Perhaps some software conflict or something. For now I deal with it but I haven’t experienced any loss of data and hope I do not. But just in case I use the spideroak service to keep everything backed up just in case.

I originally suspected that the WD Black blades were likely the issue but with you experiencing the same thing with the EVO cards, I now suspect differently.

Sorry to hear this! Amfeltec has been no help on my end either, actually really bad customer service from them. I am just about to send my Squid card back and get it tested but they are adamant that it’s not an issue with the card. They may be right as I bought an OWC Accelsior to use while the squid is being tested and it’s ejecting my drives as well. OWC support has been better though, at least talking me through some steps to test things out. If I figure something out I’ll let you know!

Awesome. I hope you find a solution :+1:

Hey Jesse. I ended up sending my Squid card back and they found a soldering issue with one of the connectors. I bought an OWC card to use while it was out for repair, which didn’t work at all, sent it back and bought a Sonnet card which worked great. My Squid card just came back so now I have 2.

I’m glad it seems you were able to resolve it. Though I contacted Amfeltec within 30 days of purchase about the issue, it’s been well over a year at this point so I don’t expect them to accept the return on it.

I was considering the sonnet card originally but they were out of stock at the time of purchase. I may take another look at it soon.

I’ve since upgraded to Big Sur and the ■■■■ card not only ejects all the time now, but it’s becoming difficult to get it mounted at all. Really been a frustrating experience with this thing.

Keep me posted about your experience with the sonnet card as I am curious to see how things work out for you.

Good luck :+1:t2:

Also, you don’t happen to be using Softraid are you?