Macbook wifi to wd live tv hub

Need help in using my macbook wifi in connecting my wd live tv hub to internet and to be able to access fb, utube and netflix. I want to be able to do this before deciding to buy a wireless wifi adaptor. Any help will be appreciated…thanks in advance!!!

you can connect your MacBook with the Hub with a cross-over pathc cable, on your MacBook you need to enable “internetshareing” in the “share” tab in preferences

Hi tedroselle,

Without a wireless USB stick, the HUB cannot connect wirelessly to any device.  Your option right now is via the ethernet port of the HUB.  As recommended by the previous poster, you need to connect via an CAT5 cross cable between the ethernet port HUB and the ethernet port of the MacBook and have it share the Internet Connection of the MacBook.

But if your MacBook already connects to the Internet via Wifi, then you already have a wireless router nearby.  You might just need to connect the HUB’s ethernet port directly into the wireless router (most router’s have LAN ports behind them).  This becomes easier as you don’t need to configure a lot on both devices (assuming it is DHCP).

I managed to connect the hub to the internet via wifi usb dongle.

Despite the fact that it can see macbook’s media folders, OSX Tiger’s finder doesn’t seem to see the hub. Why is that?

How do I access the hub’s structure and medias on my mac??

You do not see it in the Finder?

Open finder

Look at the left in your shared folders

It should be there.

Also disable third part firewalls to be sure and enable ‘sharing’ in the MacOs  preferences.

Yeah, it should be there in finder.  I can see both my hub and live in finder.