MacBook Pro SSD Compatibilty (question / background info)

Just wonder about this new family of SSD’s and compatibility with the MacBook Pro’s; where a second SSD is fitted in the Optical bay.

In the case of the Optical Bay, the MBP, will only support SATA-II (so 3GB/s). Some will negotiate at SATA-III but not reliably.

Many solutions have been bandied about but the “only” reliable solution is to set the interface on the drive to be SATA-II and lock it there (so disallowing the drive to negotiate faster).

At least one manufacturer has done this with small utility tool and this works but sadly only on one family of drives.

So the question is therefore, is there (or might there be) anything in the WD support utility arsenal to actually set / lock the SSD interface speed to SATA-II ?

This would be a very welcome tool for MBP users and could expand the market for WD.

Many thanks, Martin.

sandisk had a FW that would do this for one of their legacy SSDs and IIRC OCZ released a tool that would do this for one of their first lines of SSD. This was back around the 2012 time frame. I have not seen any recent SSD releases that had a FW or tool to lock the drives in SATA 3Gb mode. Honestly I doubt you would see any manufacturers release a tool or FW for this issue for current manufactured products.