MacBook Pro (Lion 10.7.3 osx) can't see MBL in disk utility


I am not an IT expert! Please treat me simply!

MBL is seen and used in finder, no problems transfering music, pics etc or using Time Machine wirelessly. However, I would pefer to partition the 2TB MBL with a section for my Mac backups and another for a Windows 7 machine. Disk utility cannot see the MBL at all, therefore no partition is possible.

Any ideas?

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There is no need to partition your drive to do what you want. What you can do is create independent shares (or easier, just create different folders) as both MAC and Windows can read the My Book Live. There is no need to partition it.

Disk Utility is for local drives (internal, USB/FW etc.), not network drives, that is why it cannot “see” the MyBookLive in the utility.

Differences of private shares in Win Vs MAC

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Thanks for that. really appreciate the help,

Is there a reason for the bac-ups  being invisible on the MBL drive? on my usb back-up drive the back-ups all show enabling me to delete the old ones to free up space.

Thanks again.

The backups are hidden or not accessible through finder so people do not accidently delete them.

Do you want to delete them or something? There is ways to do that. You can use Time Machine to delete older backups;

  1. Open System Preferences > Time Machine
  2. Check “Show Time Machine Status in Menu bar”
  3. Option-click the Time Machine icon in the top right of the menu bar and select “Browse Other Time Machine Disks”
  4. Click “Use selected Disk”
  5. Travel backwards using the date ruler or arrows to the desired file/folder
  6. Select the file/folder to delete
  7. From the Gear menu, you may select to A) Delete the item or B) Delete ALL backups of the item
  8. When you’re done, hit the Esc key
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Once again, thank you very much.

Sorry to be a nuisance. 

MBL has always been very slow (taking 24hrs for first time machine back up of 150gb, over wireless). I have noticed that the link light on the rear is amber, not green. I assume it is always going to be slow as that indicates I’m not getting a gigabit connection. I find this strange as my router is a Airport Extreme Base Station, and I get fast internet access.

Any reason for the amber light? Any suggections for achieving a green light?

No nuisance at all.

If your system is backing up 120GB, that will take awhile especially if doing it wirelessly. For the initial backup, I would suggest using the hard wire and letting it run over night, then the rest do wirelessly. Either way, the initial backup could take 8+ hours.

has you system light changed? 

If you backup is done, I would access the web UI, reboot the system from there. Let me know what happens or changes if any.