MACBOOK PRO HD install problem

I am trying to install a new WD Black 500 GB 7200 RPM in my Mac book pro. I can get to the install screen using the install disk but of course the disk is not recognized because it is not formatted yet. Ok so I go to the disk utility and try to format it and come to find that it is not even being recognized there. Does anyone have any clue why?

Hello, review the steps below to format the internal hard drive with the installation disk. If the problem continues, the internal hard drive might be faulty. If possible try connecting the hard drive to desktop Mac to see if it’s still not recognized. 

1 start up on the installer DVD 
2. Use disk utilities to ERASE the hard drive 
3. Use disk Utility to Repair disk 
4. Relaunch the installer and it should allows you to continue to install.

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Thank you for the input but i think the problem is with the sata cable. I’ve ordered another and will post the results.