MacBook Pro and MLBD

FIrstly I have searched and read the forum and know I am making a duplicate post, but I can’t comprehend the replies as they are too techy for me.

I have a 2012 MBP and a 4TB MBLD hooked up by Wifi to my Cisco E1000 router (I know the max I can get it 10meg a second that way, right now I dream of 10meg a second).

I have followed the help about loging in by ssh and running the killall command… and tried to edit the file in etc/lib but I am not sure how to edit a file through the terminal as I am new to mac from Windows (its easier right? :slight_smile: ).

I have been trying a timemachine backup and it started about 10 mins ago…currently I have 8kb backed up…  only 90gig to go!

Help muchly appreciated, please sue terms your simpleton grandma from 1988 would understand…

Two things that helped speed up my backups:

  1. Rebooting the MBLD (through the web interface on the MBLD - there is an option for this)


  1. Reboot your MacBook in safe mode:   This link was originally for a different issue, but it *might* have solved my slow backup problems.

I’ve already rebooted my MBLD.

Surely if I reboot in safemode that isnt a long term soloution, I use my audio in/outs (via usb) on the daily and I abought a MBP as opposed to a MBA because of the DVD drive.

Are you suggesting that I go into safemode everytime I want to time machine?  

If that’s the case I will do that so I have a working backup of my machine but I’m still gonna bug WD for a permanent soloution to my problem.