MacBook Pro and 2 G 6Tb drives, disconnect all the time

Hello, I have a MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017-Mojave).
I work with two 6TB G-DRIVE : a Thunderbolt and usb 3 and another only usb3. Connected to a mac pro, I worked fine.
The problem is that I need to travel with the MacBook Pro and both G discs, disconnect all the time. I fear a possible loss of these drives.
Is there any solution? Thanks

The issue would likely be due to settings on your system. Make sure the energy saver settings on your Mac have “put hard disks to sleep when possible” unchecked and don’t allow your computer to sleep.

Also make sure you are bringing the correct power adapters along with you for these drives. The as long as they are not the Thunderbolt 3 of USB-C units they should all use 12v 2a power adapters.