MacBook not reading 2TB My Passport for Mac

Pretty sure I know why, though I have yet to find a solution.

When I got the drive, the first thing I did (which I realize now was a mistake) was to delete the accompanying software because I thought it was useless and taking up space (can you blame me? it’s an oversized USB drive, it shouldn’t need developer created software to allow me to copy and past files onto it).

Regardless, now I need to find a way to reinstall the software that came with it at purchase. Is there any way to do that from this site (or online anywhere, for that matter)? I haven’t found anything useful yet.


I should clarify that I cannot open nor find it in Finder, but I can see it through Disk Utility (though I can do absolutely nothing with it).


The WD My Passport drive does not require any software in order to operate in your computer.

If you see it in Disk Utility then you should be able to format it and then use it on the computer.

Check the link below for more information:

How to partition and format a WD drive on Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP) and Mac OSX

I really don’t see how telling someone to format a disk is a useful solution.

mark.sinnott wrote:

I really don’t see how telling someone to format a disk is a useful solution.

The best way to fix a corrupted partition is by formatting it.

Ok, that may be so for a disk that is corrupted, but I am more concerned with my specific one, which seems similar to the one above.

I recently upgraded my 2010 Macbook to Yosemite. My two WD Green hard drives (series numbers WD20EZRX and WD10EADS) are no longer visible. I have read through your forums and am yet to find a solution.

What is the solution?