Mac won't recognise My Book Essential


i’m trying to install my new WD My Book Essential hard drive to my Mac Snow Leopard.  I’ve tried reformatting it, but I can’t do that until the computer recognises the drive. I’ve tried downloading the virtual installation cd, but the software doesn’t get past ‘drive not found’. I’ve tried plugging it into another mac, and a pc, and neither of those recognise it either. i’ve searched for new software from Apple. I’ve restarted my computer twice, following a software update.

The lock light and the light below is flashing on and off. Nothing seems to be whirring or doing anything with the drive. It is plugged into the power source. The drive is brand new so I don’t see why it would be locked??

ANY ideas?

Hi there!!

Best way to check if it is locked is to try a firmware update on a PC, and if it is locked it will give you the option to erase it…

If the firmware update can’t find it, then I would replace it if I were you…