Mac user, new to WD few questions?

WD HD LIVE Hub being delivered tomorrow, and i have some questions as im coming from plex and am quite unfamiliar with the WD box. I have a folder with all of my movies in, all named correctly, and i was wondering, is there any way to add my own dvd artwork to each of the films? if so, do i just name the picture for example Batman.jpeg, and put it in a folder named Batman with the movie named Batman? Also, how do i put my tv shows in order? Currently i have the different seasons within a folder that is named after the show, for example, Dexter/Season 1/Dexter S01E01  etc. and finally, i would like to somehow add the metadata for the tv shows and movies, is there anyway to do this before putting them onto the Hub? thanks in advance to anyone offering help, iv been trawling the forum looking at different threads but it seems completelt different to what im used to. Also im on a Mac if that makes any difference?


You can check the Page 158 of the user guide which specifies where the thumbnail needs to be, depending of the file extension.

been experimenting and think iv cracked it :slight_smile: though i am confused as to how tv shows are set out? ideally id like to have it so i can click on tv shows, then the tv show, then inside that are the individual seasons with each episode having the plot and what not displayed, any ideas how to do this? thanks for advice btw appreciate the help