Mac upgrade to Big Sur - MyCloud Discovery "Allowed" extensions do not persist on restart

Hi, I’ve got a WD MyCloud Home drive which I access from both PC and Mac using WD Discovery which provides the mapped drive. No problems… until I upgraded my Mac to Big Sur recently.
On the Mac with Big Sur, when I try to use WD Discovery to sign in and connect my drive, I get a warning in WD Discovery “Your operating system’s extension needs approval. To allow the software from Western Digital please go to Security and Privacy and click the Allow button”.
Fine, I do this then I’m told by the OS to restart.
Fine, I do this and after the OS restart WD Discovery is running but not logged in so I sign in.
Rinse and Repeat. I sign in and I’m told to Allow the extension which I do and then I’m told to restart…
I’ve been trying to fix this for quite a while now using various forums from Apple and WD and nothing works. The sign-in credentials are fine - a wrong account or password is made obvious immediately. I’ve reinstalled WD Discovery. As per a lot of recommendations I’ve gone to Finder Extensions to ensure there is a check next to WDDesktop Finder Extensions.
Could anyone make extra suggestions to get me out of this hole?

I’m having much the same problems. Since updating the MacOS to Big Sur, MyCloud is no longer accessible via the Finder and Mac desktop.

Time Machine backups still appear to be working and saving to MyCloud, but I can’t upload any files to MyCloud. I can navigate the file structure via brower login, but can’t upload any files there either.

I have contacted WD Support, but they advise “The issue is currently under investigation by Western Digital Engineers. If there is an update I will let you know.” So essentially it’s not working until further notice.

It’s one of the external devices. After reinstalling a fresh Big Sur and not having any joy I disconnected all the externals and WD Discovery is now working perfectly. Having reconnected everything it’s ticking along like nothing was wrong in the first place. Looks like one of the external devices is tripping the security on the OS extensions. It’s tempting to test each device to find the culprit but there’s 7 + monitor + power + hubs and it might not be one it could be a combination. Better things to do…like vacuum up all the hair I’ve torn out of my head since upgrading to Big Sur.

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