Mac updates

Hello everyone!

i have a slightly problem. When i first set up my harddrive I was using a HP and now i switched to Mac. If i try to install it again with my mac, are the stuff i saved from my HP still going to be on the harddrive or can they dissapear during the install of the Mac?

Please if someone knows how to do this, do u have any tips and is it even possible to do it?

If you have the hard drive formatted using NTFS, you can access the files on the external hard drive. In order to add new files while connected to the Mac, you need to format it on HFS+ or exFAT, if you want to keep it compatible with Windows and Mac PC’s. Check the link below for the steps.

If the software is still available then NTFS-3G might work for your Mac. It went to pay and many of the free links no longer work.